What forms of payment do we accept?

At the moment we accept payments:
-Przelewy24 (BLIK)
-Polish e-payments (BLIK)
-VivaWallet (KLARNA, Card Payment)
-Cash on delivery.

How can I be sure that I will receive original sneakers?

Each order, before it reaches the customer, is checked by our team, which can already boast of 4 years of experience in the sneaker industry. We can guarantee that every product sold by our store is 100% original.

How long does the delivery take?

As a rule, delivery takes 1 working day from the time of ordering the product. In some cases, the time may be extended. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone at .

Can I return the ordered goods?

Yes, each purchased product has a 14-day return period from the time it is delivered to you.

Are the sneakers we sell unisex?

Yes, most of the products we offer are products for both women and men.

Why does the price of sneakers vary depending on the size?

The price of limited edition sneakers depends on many factors, including collector value, demand and supply for a given model and size. Limited edition shoes, which are released in limited quantities, are often priced based on demand for a particular model and size. Typically, sizes that are more sought after by customers are priced higher due to their greater market value. However, in our store, we strive to maintain fair prices that reflect all of the factors mentioned and give customers the best value for their money.

What size should I choose in Yeezy Slide?

We would like to point out that Yeezy Slide are characterized by a specific design and materials that affect their fit to the foot. Therefore, we recommend choosing a size or one and a half larger than your normal size. For example, if you usually wear a size 38, we recommend choosing a size 40.5 on Yeezy Slide models.

What size should I choose Jordans

Jordan shoe sizing is your true size in most cases, so we recommend choosing shoes in the same size you usually wear. If your feet are particularly wide or narrow, you may want to consider choosing shoes in a different length. It is also worth remembering that some models of Jordan shoes may have slightly different sizes, e.g. women's, so it is always worth getting acquainted with the information about the size of a particular model before making a purchase. In our online store, we strive to provide accurate sizing information and help customers choose the right size to ensure maximum comfort when wearing Jordan shoes.

What size should I choose in Yeezy?

For Yeezy shoes, we recommend choosing shoes half a size larger than your regular size. Therefore, if your size is 43, you should choose Yeezy shoes in size 43 1/3.

What size should I choose at New Balance?

New Balance shoes are mostly produced in men's sizes. Therefore, if you are a woman and want to buy New Balance shoes, we recommend choosing a half size smaller than your regular women's size.