The history of the Nike brand began very modestly when running coach William Bowerman and his protégé Phil Knight decided to start a shoe company in 1964 - at that time they did not know that it would change the world of sports and fashion forever. It is interesting how the logo was created. It was created by Carolyn Davidson and after a few trials and feedback from Phil, the artist presented an iconic logo that resembled a wing for one and a puff of air, it was called a "swoosh", which is the sound in which a runner passes another runner on the way to the finish line. Now nike shoes are the most popular collector's footwear.
Everyone has had them at least once in their wardrobe. The company introduced many novelistic technologies, such as Nike Air , i.e. an air cushion placed in the sole of the shoe, which provided cushioning while walking or running. Nike leapfrogged its centenary thanks to a thorough analysis of its brand.
The company is a symbol of a healthy lifestyle, great aspirations and fulfilled dreams. Her message is to push your limits and reach the heights. Stylish sneakers, in addition to comfort, are distinguished by a well-refined design that matches the current fashion. Designers know well that although their product is of good quality, if they enter into collaborations with current stars such as Travis Scott, Ronaldo or Billie Eilish, they will ensure brand recognition and thus sales success.
Nike offers many models of limited shoes, including the iconic Jordan High or Jordan 4 . Premium quality is always at a high level: careful stitching, well-chosen materials and attention to every detail make them second to none. Everything is put together so that each user can feel special.