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New Balance 2002

The New Balance 2002R model debuted for the first time in 2010. So this is a silhouette that is over 10 years old.
These limited edition sneakers provide incredible comfort thanks to their advanced construction. The perfectly profiled midsole with ABZORB technology absorbs shocks, providing cushioning at the highest level. This model attracts attention with its unique design, which combines elements of retro and futuristic style. Its surprising combination of colors and materials creates a truly unique look that catches the eye.
Another advantage of this model is the perfect fit. Thanks to the well-profiled NewBalance2002R upper, they provide stability and surefootedness. These shoes are also very versatile. You can combine them with everyday, street stylizations, but also with more formal ones. These comfortable sports shoes are great for both walking around the city and training. An interesting feature of this model are also details that add character to it. You will find, for example, a subtle NewBalance brand logo placed on the tongue of the shoe, which emphasizes the authenticity and prestige of the manufacturer.
The original design of New Balance 2002R is a unique combination of colors that make them an object of desire for many people. One cannot forget about the high quality of workmanship, which is characteristic of the NewBalance brand. Care in detail, sewing precision and attention to every element make NewBalance2002R a real work of art.